Xtreamer Mk1 XtreamerPRO iXtreamer XtreamerDVD Firmware 2.6

New Firmware update version 2.6 for Xtreamer products: Xtreamer Mk1, Xtreamer SideWinder, XtreamerPRO, iXtreamer and XtreamerDVD.

firmware2.6.0 Release notes (from 2.5.4)

New Features:

1. Music JukeBox

– From “Xtreamering->Music JukeBox” you can listen to any song in the world

– You can login to your GrooveShark account, can search mp3’s to stream, can manage Favorite music

– You will be able to create and use your playlist

– It will provide you most popular music

2. DVD Backup (Non copyright protected DVD)

– Now you can backup (copy) your DVD Data to HDD/USB.

– From “File Manager” go to DVD and press “3” button, choose target directory and press “3” to backup

– It may take from 15~40 min depending on data size and ODD performance

3. xHelp

– From “Xtreamering->xHelp” user can get knowledge, troubleshooting info, how to’s and FAQ about his device

– This section is in a basic level and will be updated from time to time.

4. Files from USB or Memory Card can be added to Playlist only for XtreamerDVD

Bug fixes and improvements:

1. iXtreamer is not responding after booting up and random crashes. Fixed.

2. 3TB HDD support

– To use as USB slave is not supported

– Can’t format 3TB HDD

3. After playing any video from YouTube if user press “return” key several times to go to main menu, system crashes.

4. From “Firmware Upgrade” popup if user select “Cancel”, still it upgrades

5. Czech and Estonia language updated


Please remember that you can upgrade your firmware from your Xtreamer UI.

Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:

Update – http://download.xtre…eamer_2.6.0.zip

Emergency – http://download.xtre…cy_XT_2.6.0.zip


Update – http://download.xtre…r-Pro_2.6.0.zip

Emergency – http://download.xtre…y_pro_2.6.0.zip


Update – http://download.xtre…eamer_2.6.0.zip

Emergency – http://download.xtre…_ixtr_2.6.0.zip


Update – http://download.xtre…r_DVD_2.6.0.zip

Emergency – http://download.xtre…y_dvd_2.6.0.zip

Latest Xtreamering ver. – http://download.xtre…Xtreamering.zip