O2Media HMR-600W Firmware 729

firmwarePlease check your F/W version (Boot Code Version) before upgrading it.
You can find it by pressing Stop-Pause in Home menu.

This F/W upgrade need to check the boot code so that you have to upgrade the correct version according to your boot code.

Improvement points after OLD VER

  • Audio Icon Mode
  • Photo Icon Mode
  • Photo Slide Show – Ken Burns effect
  • File Copy – selected files capacity and Free Space display
  • Wider Audio Format Support
  • M2TS, VOB file playback from NAS Debug
  • Progressive JPEG Support
  • Compressed Header MKV support
  • IMS – YouTube/Flicr/Picasa/Yahoo Weather/RSS News

Due to major change of Linux kernel, Please make the HDD format after upgrading.
Without HDD format, Time shift, Favorite, Autoplay functions are not available while the playback and recording is working properly.

Download firmware C729HP, only boot code 13:

Download firmware C729HP: