NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet: Review and Opinions

NesteQ is a young company with a creative team turned to the production of computer equipment ranging from power supplies to computer’s case and small accessories such as the brilliant NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet. Here is a review with tests and opinions.


RubberScrew Magnet means “screw rubber magnet” and is a support for mounting a fan inside the case. The great idea of NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet is the use of magnets that can be hung anywhere on aluminum sheets of the computer and these magnets are used as a “mount point” for the rubber screw of fans.

NesteQ RubberScrew MagnetThe package includes 4 magnets (very powerful, and with a radius of action, unfortunately, very broad), 4 rings of rubber for the magnets to decouple from the case and to reduce magnetic grip, 6  rubber screws anti-vibration for fan.

NesteQ RubberScrew MagnetIncluded there is also a manual English / German illustrated that shows us the different modes of installation.

The magnets are equipped with a central hole in which to insert the screw in rubber. Then the rubber screw is inserted into the holes of the fans. Since the magnet is very powerful and once put on a metal plate is hard to remove with bare hands, to decrease the magnetic grip you can put a rubber ring to the magnet which also serves to protect it. In fact, a collision of the magnet against a metal can chipped or broken it.

The screws are soft and durable rubber, but the risk of pulling them up too much to break in two is always there, but luckily the pack is fitted with two screws more rubber.

NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet
The ways to attach magnets to the cases are two: vertical or horizontal.

Once mounted on the fans, the magnets will have the flat surface parallel to the fan itself and then to keep the fan hung on a vertical side we will use the magnets in that way too, if we put the fan horizontally, the magnets will be horizontally too.

But thanks to the rubber screws, we can also move the magnets by 90 ° and decide to bring them no longer parallel but perpendicular to the fan. In doing so, however, the body of the fan will touch directly to the magnet and this way the anti-vibration effect of the rubber screws disappears completely (from the pictures in the manual it seems that the fan is always suspended on rubber screws, but it is not because it is pressed against the magnets by the elastic force of the screws themselves!).

1e2 Best Buy Silver 2011The great power of the magnets can safely support the fans of 12 and 14cm diameter. The great benefit of using the NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet is that you can install any type of fan in the case where you want without having to do any extra hole and with the ability to move them when you want. For example it is very useful to put a fan between the motherboard and the front column of the case where we have the hard disk: in this way add a good ventilation that can easily reach the PCI cards or chipset.

Although the magnetic field is very strong, does not seem to have problems with components inside the PC. Is still a good idea to avoid holding the magnets too close to hard disk, ram, processor, and in general any other sensitive electronic components.

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