Iamm NTR-83 Firmware 1.75

firmwareIamm NTR-83 Version firmware: 1.75

Improved items. Version 75

  • Corrects the problems with TV screen or playback of video contents when setting HDMI option as AUTO in the video output (fonud in some TV)
  • Corrects the problem with the scheduled recordings by EPG
    Corrects the problem that recordings will not be finished in the desired tiem to whtih you set the Duration option
  • Corrests the error of recording file name when you record some services or programs (example: ABC Weekly, Middle Man)
    This character is created on teh first letter of program title
    Corrects the problem that you cannot copy, move, deleto or rename the recording file on PC
  • Time Shift Storage should be created on the HDD to first use Time Shift feature when the player is conneted to external AV (Not applied to DTV)
    The operation of player is limited during its process (around two minutes)
    When this storage is created in the drive one, this process is not needed any more (as long as you will not replace HDD)
    The message box appears on the screen concerning this matter