Iamm NTD-29 Firmware 1.3.30 r1432

firmwareFimware Novatron Iamm NTD-29. Ver 1.3.30 rev 1432

  • Supports BitTorrent client
  • Supports Internet services
  • Corrects the problem that “GOTO” function does not work properly
  • Supports Persian and Romanian language
  • Playbacks the movie contents -> Message like “unsupported format “ is displayed on the screen
    -> Select OK button -> Does not playback all of the files in the same folder
    [Corrected] Goes back to file browser menu when selecting OK button and playbacks the files as desired
  • Changes the option of subtitle position follows as
    [Previous] -5 ~ +5
    [Current] 0 ~ +10
    Corrects the problem that the subtitle is not correctly displayed when selecting – values by doing that