Dune HDI Firmware 110511_2007_beta for Dune HD Max, Dune HD Lite 53D, Dune HD Duo, Dune BD Prime 3.0, Dune HD Base 3.0

HDI Dune has released a firmware update which brings a lot of improvements and new
functions to all models of Dune media players.

The firmware update has version number 110511_2007_beta and beta status.

firmwareAs always, this firmware update is provided for all generations of Dune media
players, including both all new models and all outdated/discontinued models
(14 different models based on 3 different platforms: Sigma Designs 863x,
864x, and 865x):
– Dune HD Ultra
– Dune HD Mini
– Dune BD Prime
– Dune HD Center
– Dune HD Base
– Dune HD Base 2.0
– Dune BD Prime 3.0
– Dune HD Base 3.0
– Dune HD Max
– Dune HD Smart H1
– Dune HD Smart D1
– Dune HD Smart B1
– Dune HD Duo
– Dune HD Lite 53D

The new firmware version includes a completely new graphical interface (with more
advanced graphics, animatio! n effects, support for skins, new main menu style,
weather widget, many other user interface improvements), support for CUE-sheets,
support for MKV-chapters, new improved version of DVD engine, SHOUTCast and
RadioTime services (thousands of free Internet radio stations), and many other
new features and improvements.

For Dune models based on the Sigma Designs 864x and 865x platforms, the new
firmware version also includes extended support for controlling the player
via USB mouse and keyboard, support for Dune HD Qwerty RF remote, and some
other features and improvements.

The firmware update can be downloaded and installed via either the built-in online
firmware upgrade function of Dune media players, or using the official Dune
firmware web site:

HDI Dune is also working on other new features and improvements which will be
included into next firmware v! ersions. The features which most probably will
come with the nearest firmware updates include: “lite” Blu-ray playback mode
for BDMV folders and BD ISO files (with full support for Blu-ray playlists,
playlist choosing, audiotrack choosing, subtitles choosing, chapters
navigation, bookmarks, zoom and other possibilities), FlashLite applications
support and web browser also for Dune HD Lite 53D model, additional options
for working with HDDs (support for 3TB+ HDDs, GPT, “advanced format”,
EXT3/NTFS formatting, updated NTFS driver, etc), migration to the newest
Sigma SDK, improved audio player, better integration of FlashLite applications,
better integration of the web browser, extended DVB functionality (with EPG
and other features), management of bookmarks and “recently played” movies,
new Internet video/music services (and also an SDK for the addition of
other Internet video/music services and IPTV/VOD applications).

The complete list of new functions and impro! vements in the new firmware version:

Changes since 110225_1222:
* Completely new graphical interface.
   - New background image, new icons, more advanced graphics for all GUI
     elements (glasses, dialogs, controls, OSD, etc).
   - Animation effects.
      - NOTE: it is recomended to use 50/60Hz video mode as the default
        video mode in order to ensure smooth animation.
      - NOTE: animation effects can be disabled in Setup / Appearance.
   - Improved text look.
      - The space between characters and the width of whitespace character
   - Ability to create and install custom GUI skins.
      - More information: http://dune-hd.com/support/skins
   - Ability to switch GUI skins on-the-fly.
      - GUI skins can be switched via the setting "Setup / Appearance /
        Skin", or via "B" RC button on the main screen (and also via "ZOOM"
        RC button on any screen).
      - Several GUI skins are included into the firmware.

* New tab-based main menu interface.
   - All items from the main menu are now grouped into the
     following top-level folders:
      - "Sources": locally attached storage devices, configured network
        folders, and "Network Browser" function.
      - "TV": TV services (when available).
      - "Favorites": shortcuts to favorite items (previously
        known as "items added to main screen").
      - "Applications": all other applications and services.
      - "Setup": player settings.
   - By default, all top-level folders are now represented as "tabs" at the
     top of the screen.
      - In Setup / Appearance, the user can switch between the following
        styles of the main menu:
         - "Tabs": the new default menu style ("tabs" at the top of the
         - "Fodlers": show all top-level folders as regular folders in
           the main area.
         - "Plain": do not group main screen items into folders (the
           same behavior as in previous firmware versions).

* Added widget for showing weather and current date/time information.
   - The widget is shown at the top right corner of the screen (in the main
     menu only, not during playback).
   - The widget can be configured or disabled via "Setup / Applications /
   - NOTE: When no information is available (e.g. when Internet connection
     is not available), the widget shows Dune HD logo.

* Various other user interface improvements.
   - Added more predefined icon-based view modes for folders: 3x2, 3x3,
     4x2, view modes with right panel.
      - "Extended list" view mode is renamed to "List with right panel".
   - Added the ability to quickly switch between view modes by pressing "A"
     RC button.
      - Debug dump function (which was previously available via triple
        press of "A" RC button) is now available via tripple press of
        "PAUSE" RC button.
   - "Add to favorites" function can be quickly called by "D" RC button.
   - "Copy" and "Paste" functions can be quickly called by "B" and "C" RC
   - The help line at the bottom of the screen indicates currently
     available shortcut RC buttons ("A", "B", "C", "D", "POP UP") and their
   - When launching the playback, "ENTER" RC button now works as "PLAY" by
     default, i.e. builds a playlist consisting of all items in the current
     folder and starts the playback of the currently selected item.
     Usually, this improves the conveniency when the folder contains
     multiple items (e.g. photos, music files, series, links to Internet
     radio stations, links to TV channels, etc). The old behavior (do not
     build the playlist, play just the selected item) can be restored via
     settings (see "Setup / Advanced / File Browser").
   - The current folder path at the top of the screen is now always shown
     as just single line (with scrolling when the path is too long).
   - Bugfix: "TOP MENU" RC button did not work in some Setup screens.

- Added support for CUE-sheet playlist files.
   - When playing an audio file, is there is an associated CUE-sheet file
     (should have the same filename as the audio file, but with ".cue"
     extension), the CUE-sheet file is automatically used.
   - "PREV"/"NEXT" RC buttons allow to switch between tracks.
   - The OSD menu ("POP UP MENU" RC button) allows to see the list of
     tracks and switch to the desired track.
   - When the playlist contains multiple audio files, CUE-sheet files are
     also detected and used for each audio file (the detection is performed
     when an audio file starts to play for the first time). The OSD menu
     groups all tracks by the corresponding files.
   - Also added support for built-in CUE-sheets in FLAC, APE and WavPack

* Added support for chapters in MKV files.
   - "PREV"/"NEXT" RC buttons allow to switch between chapters.
   - The OSD menu ("POP UP MENU" RC button) allows to see the list of
     chapters and switch to the desired chapter.
   - When the playlist contains multiple MKV files, chapters are also
     detected and used for each MKV file (the detection is performed when a
     MKV file starts to play for the first time). The OSD menu groups all
     chapters by the corresponding files.

* New version of DVD engine.
   - The new version of the DVD engine adds the support for multiangle
     feature and improves the support for DVD-Video discs with advanced
     DVD-menu and interactive features.
   - If needed, the old version of the DVD engine may be chosen via Setup /
     Miscellaneous / System / DVD engine.

* Added settings for preferred languages of disc menu, audio track,
   - See "Setup / Playback / Language".
   - Supported for BD/DVD-Video discs/images and files.
   - NOTE: The default value of these language settings is "English". So,
     if there are several audio or subtitles tracks and the "English" one
     is not the first one, it will be automatically chosen (instead of
     choosing the first track, as it took place previously).
   - Also added a new setting (see "Setup / Playback / Subtitles") which
     allows to enable subtitles by default not only for files, but also for
     DVD-Video discs/images.

* Various playback improvements.
   - General improvements for playback of HTTP audio streams (such as
     Internet radio stations).
   - CD audio playback improvements: faster startup and gapless playback.
   - Improvement: for autoframerate function, non-standard framerates
     between 23.976Hz and 24Hz are now treated as 23.976Hz (rather than
   - Bugfix: Viewing photos from a UPnP source did not work (the problem
     introduced in previous firmware versions).
   - Bugfix: Unsupported REW (fast rewind) command for TS files was wrongly
     handled as fast forward rather than ignored.
   - Bugfix: Playlist shuffle function could use an already previously used
     random sequence in some cases.
   - Bugfix: MP3 files with very large embedded covers could not be played.
   - Bugfix: MP3 files with specific ID3 tags could not be played.
   - Bugfix: ".mts" files were wrongly handled as audio files.
   - Bugfix: Pausing M4A files could cause playback stop in some cases.
   - Bugfix: .M3U/.PLS playlist files with "UTF8 BOM" header could not be
   - Bugfix: specific TS files (such as specific broadcast recordings)
     could be played wrongly or with pause/seek not working.
   - Bugfix: specific MKV files could not be played.
   - Bugfix: BD-R/DVD-R discs could play with problems in some cases.

* Improved handling of RC buttons during playback.
   - "PREV" RC button now navigates through the history of the previously
     played playlist items only in the shuffle playback mode and only after
     normal transitions (selecting an item in the playlist and manually
     jumping to it resets the history).
   - "TOP MENU" RC button now allows to go to the main screen also from
     file playback mode.

* Added new audio output configuration possibilites.
   - The setting "Setup / Audio / Audio decoding mode" allows to specify
     the number of channels (stereo, 5.1, 7.1), which should be output to
     analog audio outputs and HDMI output.

* Improved output of DTS-CD audio streams.
   - Removed 14-bit to 16-bit conversion, which is undesired in some cases.
   - Added the new setting "Setup / Audio / DTS CD audio conversion", which
     allows to revert back the old behavior (enable 14-bit to 16-bit
     conversion) when needed.

* DVB-T related improvements.
   - Usability improvement: when watching DVB-T channels, "ENTER" RC button
     opens the list of DVB-T channels (as "POP UP MENU" RC button).
   - Bugfix: DVB-T playback did not work in some cases.

* Added "SHOUTCast" and "RadioTime" applications (free access to thousands
  of local and world-side Internet radio stations).

* Added "Russia.ru" application (free access to "Russia.ru" Internet video

* Minor improvements for "IVI.ru" application.
   - Added showing some information about listed movies in the right panel.

* A lot of new features and improvements for "Kartina.TV" application.
   - Integrated the new "Videoteka" function based on the new "Dune VOD"
     mechanism (planned to be used for other VOD services as well).
      - Movies can be filtered by categories (including filtering by
        multiple categories).
      - Movies can be searched by title (with on-screen virtual keyboard).
      - When browsing the list of movies, different view modes can be
      - Detailed movie information can be shown.
      - Movies with series are supported (including series selection before
        and durign movie playback).
   - "Dune TV" mechanism improvements:
      - Added the possibility to switch different view modes when browsing
        the list of TV channels.
      - Added hints about the possibilities to use "B", "C", "D" RC buttons
        to manage favorite TV channels.
      - Added automatic resuming of TV playback after power-off/power-on.
      - Added remembering the last played TV channel. When resuming TV
        playback (automatically after power-off/power-on, or when entering
        the application via "PLAY" RC button), the remembered TV channel is
      - Added showing not only date, but also week day in the EPG menu.
      - Increased the font size in the EPG menu; added a new setting
        allowing to change the font size in the EPG menu.
   - Added support for "Low Bitrate" channels.
   - Improved handling of "Time Shift" function in some cases.
   - Added "0.5 seconds" buffering option (for people with very good
     Internet connection).
   - Improved the stability and performance of the communication with
   - Added waiting for the IP address when attempting to start the
     application when the IP address is not assigned yet.

* Added new possibilities for UI customization and authors of
  applications based on "dune_folder.txt" mechanism.
   - Added new dune_folder.txt parameters:
      - Animation:
         - animation_enabled = yes|no (default is yes)
      - Overall item layout:
         - item_layout = center|left|right (default is center)
      - Badge-based icons:
         - paint_icon_badge_box = yes|no
         - icon_badge_box_dx = N
         - icon_badge_box_dy = N
         - icon_badge_box_height = N
         - icon_badge_box_width = N
      - Selection frame visualization:
         - icon_selection_box_dx = N
         - icon_selection_box_dy = N
         - icon_selection_box_height = N
         - icon_selection_box_width = N
      - Icon visualization:
         - icon_margin_bottom = N
         - icon_margin_left = N
         - icon_margin_right = N
         - icon_margin_top = N
         - icon_sel_margin_bottom = N
         - icon_sel_margin_left = N
         - icon_sel_margin_right = N
         - icon_sel_margin_top = N
      - Caption visualization:
         - item_caption_dy = N
         - item_caption_sel_dy = N
         - item_caption_width = N
         - item_caption_wrap_enabled = yes|no (default is no)
      - Item details visualization (in the right panel):
         - zoom_detailed_icon = yes|no (default is no)
         - paint_item_info_in_details = yes|no (default is yes)
         - item_detailed_info = TEXT
         - item_detailed_info_font_size = normal|small (default is normal)
         - item_detailed_info_rel_y = N
      - Marks visualization:
         - mark_scale_factor = N.N
      - Small icon type (for list view):
         - folder_small_icon_name = {small_icon_name}
         - item_small_icon_name = {small_icon_name}
         - Here, {small_icon_name} can be:
            - video_file|audio_file|image_file|folder|disc_folder
   - Added a new kind of media_url: "http://audio_stream://...". Enables a
     special handling of the HTTP URLs, which is often useful when playing
     audio streams (such as Internet radio streams).
   - Bugfix: relative paths did not work properly when used with virtual
     items in dune_folder.txt.
   - When the player communicates with an external application via
     "dune_http://" protocol, the application now can determine various
     information about the player (product id, firmware version, serial
     number, current interface language) using "X-Dune-..." headers in HTTP
     requests. Also, a specific "User-Agent" is now used in HTTP requests.

* Added new possibilities for authors of FlashLite applications.
   - New operations added to Dune FlashLite API:
      - requestFilePlayerOnExitWithReturn()
      - requestWebBrowserOnExitWithReturn()
      - getFirmwareVersion()
      - getProductId()
   - Some other minor fixes/improvements.

* Network setup improvements.
   - Usability improvement: when submitting network settings, "Waiting for
     IP address" popup window is shown and the system waits for the IP
     address to be assigned.
   - Bugfix: "Auto + manual DNS" network configuration mode could not work
     properly in some cases.
   - Added the possibility to use empty password for PPPoE network

* Added support for controlling most player functions via USB keyboard and
  USB mouse.
   - Various keyboard buttons (such as LEFT, RIGH, UP, DOWN, ENTER, BACK,
     PageUp, PageDown, etc) are handled the same way as the corresponding
     RC buttons.
   - Mouse movements are handled as LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN actions.
   - Mouse left button presses are handled as ENTER.
   - Mouse right button presses are handled as RETURN.
   - NOTE: Text input using a keyboard in text fields in setup and file
     browser is not supported yet.

- Added support for "Dune HD Qwerty" device (compact wireless keyboard +
  touchpad + remote with a RF USB dongle).
   - NOTE: The support is preliminay, although most functions work, some
     potential functions do not work yet.

* Improved handling of remote controls and IR signals.
   - All IR codes expect codes from Dune HD remotes should be ignored now
     in all cases (so, pressing any button on 3-party remote control should
     not interrupt the screensaver) (except when 3-party remotes use the
     same the same IR codes as Dune HD remotes).
   - Added a Setup option to disable the compatibility with old kinds of
     Dune HD remotes (Setup / Miscellaneous / Advanced / Old remote
     support). (May be helpful if some 3-party remotes use the same IR
     codes as old kinds of Dune HD remotes).
   - Some other improvements in IR signal decoding and handling.

* Improved output to the front panel display.
   - Improvement: when playing content having no known duration (such as
     Internet radio stream), the title of the played item is shown instead
     of meaningless playback counter.
   - Added support for displaying characters from some european languages.

* Added support for working with favorites without system storage.
   - When the system storage is not attached, the list of favorites is
     stored (without associated icons) in the internal flash memory (the
     same memory as used for storing all player settings).
   - NOTE: If some favorites are added when the system storage is not
     attached, and after that the system storage is attached, the internal
     flash memory still will be used to store the list of favorites.

* Improved web browser performance.
   - Increased the amount of memory available for the web browser (and
     other applications as well). This leads to increased web browser
     performance and ability to work with more complex web sites.

* Various other improvements.
   - Bugfix: adding shortcut (favorite) did not work when the filename
     contained a specific character.
   - Some previously missing characters added to fonts.
   - Some interface languages added/updated. 
   - Some other improvements/fixes.