Dune HD Firmware 110127_2105_beta

firmwareHDI Dune has just released a firmware update which brings a lot of improvements
and new functions to all models of Dune media players.

The firmware update has version number 110127_2105_beta and beta status.

As always, this firmware update is provided for all generations of Dune media
players, including both all new models and all outdated/discontinued models (14
different models based on 3 different platforms: Sigma Designs 863x, 864x, and
– Dune HD Ultra
– Dune HD Mini
– Dune BD Prime
– Dune HD Center
– Dune HD Base
– Dune HD Base 2.0
– Dune BD Prime 3.0
– Dune HD Base 3.0
– Dune HD Max
– Dune HD Smart H1
– Dune HD Smart D1
– Dune HD Smart B1
– Dune HD Duo
– Dune HD Lite 53D

The new firmware version includes ability to play background music during
photo viewing, ability to launch and control music playback w/o using TV
(using the front panel display), support for more formats of lossless
compressed audio files (ALAC and WavPack), clock on front panel display in
standby, new autoframerate modes (24/50 and 24/60), browser of available
WiFi networks, various SMB server settings (including the ability to assign
custom server name and workgroup name), various conveniency and usability
improvements, and many other new functions and improvements.

For Dune models based on the Sigma Designs 864x and 865x platforms, the new
firmware version also includes IP Control support (enabling abilities to
control the player from iPhone/iPad and other network devices), various
improvements in DVB-T functionality, PPPoE support, and some other new

The new firmware version still has beta status, because it includes a lot
of changes and new functions. It also includes a lot of fixes for various
issues reported for the previo! us firmware versions. According to the
results of the preliminary testing, HDI Dune hopes that the new firmware
version is in overall the best one ever released for Dune players. Based on
this beta version and users’ feedback, it is planned to fix any new issues
discovered in this version (if any) and release a new stable firmware
version as soon as possible.

The firmware update can be downloaded and installed via either the built-in
online firmware upgrade function of Dune media players, or using the
official Dune firmware web site: http://dune-hd.com/firmware

The complete list of new functions and improvements in the new firmware
version can be found on firmware page for any of our products
(for example: http://dune-hd.com/firmware/hdmax/)